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Startup AIO 

by CodeCross

Turning Ideas into Reality in Just 12 Weeks

Our Story

From a Single Line of Code to Over 100 Success Stories: The CodeCross Journey

In just five years, CodeCross has evolved from a startup to a leader in mobile app development. Specializing in Flutter, we've transformed over 100 entrepreneurial visions into market-ready products. With a focused team that handles just six projects at a time, we're not just coding apps—we're coding dreams into reality

Startup AIO: Your 12-Week Blueprint to Startup Stardom

Startup AIO isn't just a package; it's a fast-track ticket to your entrepreneurial dreams. Imagine going from concept to a market-ready product in just 12 weeks. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from custom mobile app and website development to all-encompassing marketing strategies. All curated and executed by a focused team that takes on just six clients at any given moment. It's not just about speed; it's about precision, customization, and—most importantly—success. With Startup AIO, you're not just launching a project; you're launching a future.

Unlock Extra Milestones:
Our Bonuses Are Your Success Multipliers!

Branding Consultation

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our exclusive Branding Consultation bonus. From logo design to color psychology, we guide you in crafting a brand identity that resonates. This personalized consultation is your key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. If you were to acquire this invaluable service separately, it would cost you $999.






Social Media Starter Kit


Take the social media world by storm with our Social Media Starter Kit for 30 days. We'll equip you with a treasure trove of custom graphics, content calendars, and engagement strategies to ignite your brand's online presence. Don't miss a beat in the digital age; this kit usually comes with a $1,500 price tag

App Store Optimization Guide

Get your app noticed with our App Store Optimization Guide, your roadmap to ranking higher in app store searches. This guide delivers proven strategies for keyword selection, user reviews, and more, ensuring your app grabs the attention it deserves. 




Launch Press Release

Make waves from day one with our professionally crafted Launch Press Release. This is your golden ticket to instant visibility, capturing media attention and building early buzz. A well-executed press release can be the catapult your startup needs to leap ahead of the competition. Ordinarily, this would set you back $1,399,



Don't Miss Out on These Game-Changing Bonuses! Secure Your Spot Now!

Your Success, Backed by Our Promises

The CodeCross Dual Guarantee: Timeliness and Perfection, No Exceptions

12-Week Product Turnaround Guarantee

~ If We Don't Deliver, You Don't Pay

Time is money, and we respect both. That's why we offer an ironclad 12-Week Product Turnaround Guarantee. From concept to market-ready product, we ensure your entrepreneurial vision is realized and ready to shine—in just 12 weeks.

Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee

~ Impeccable Code, Zero Worries


Quality isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment. That's why we offer a Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee. If you find a bug in our code, at any point after project completion, we'll fix it. Period. It's like a software safety net, designed for your peace of mind.

Invest in Your Dream:
Tailored Packages for Every Startup Stage

Quality, Speed, Success: Choose All Three.

CodeCross turns your startup dreams into market-ready products in just 12 weeks—guaranteed.

Unlock the gateway to unparalleled startup success with our Startup AIO package, priced at an accessible $3,499 per month. This isn't just a service; it's a golden ticket to a market-ready product in a breathtaking 12 weeks. From custom mobile apps to robust backends and captivating websites, we've got you fully covered. It's your dream, accelerated—with a price tag that makes the fast lane more attainable than ever.

Yup - you got it right.

Just 3,499 USD / month

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Order Now and Unlock All Bonuses—FREE!

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